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Who I Am

So who am I? I am someone who finds deep pleasure and existential joy from connection. This begins with connecting to myself. Yoga, poetry, trail running, tai chi, rock climbing, good conversations, hiking, snowboarding, meditating - these are some of my favorite things to do. In a sense, they all seem to be fundamentally the same thing, just expressing themselves in different forms. All of them are ways I connect with myself, become intimate with my emotional landscape, familiar and curious with my own thoughts. In my experience, this is healing. Anything that brings me closer to myself is healing. Anything that disconnects me from myself is trauma. 


My adult life has found me fascinated with healing. My own healing, of which personal growth is a paramount part. I believe all life has a fundamental tilt towards healing, towards wholeness. It’s my job to tap into that. To remove the clutter, blockages, and beliefs that no longer serve me in order to access my intuition. And to help others do so as well. 


My formal training is as a psychotherapist. I’ve also benefited tremendously from workshops and courses in NonViolent Communication, Organic Intelligence, Somatic Experiencing (SE), as well as many other modalities. Yoga and tai chi play large roles in my process as well. I’m constantly learning and growing, not only through formal trainings but through my own experience as both the therapist/coach and as the client. All of these modalities influence my own healing and growing journey, and that, above all else, informs my work with my clients. Tapping into my intuition to find resonance with another being and help them along their path is my greatest joy. It energizes me. It excites me. It helps me along my own path. It’s my purpose, if there ever was such a thing. 


So who am I? I am a human who has a honed intuition towards healing and living a rich, meaningful life. And I’m here to share that with others.


Who am I? It’s an interesting question to be confronted with. It feels strange to condense myself into a handful of words. But perhaps writing is like a distillation process, where my concentrated form comes out. The more you get to know me is like adding water - the fundamental essence is still there, but with more room for my whole being. 

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