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'I Can' Challenge

The 'I Can' Challenge is a 4 hour workshop. It's purpose it to lay the groundwork for a subconscious mindset of 'I Can.' 

Every day we are faced with challenges. That's just a part of life - a good part. It gives us the opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves. Both in working on myself and with my clients, I've noticed that when confronted with a challenge (of any sort), the default response is usually some form of fear, dread, anxiety, anger, frustration - all stemming from self-doubt. How you do one thing is how you do all things. This learned distrust of ourselves means we question our ability to navigate the rocky terrain of life. This self doubt is habitual.

The good news is, old habits can be broken and new ones formed. The even better news is we have active control over breaking and making habits. Through honest introspection and reflection we can observe our patterns, gain self awareness, and choose to implement healthier behaviors at a foundational level that will eventually become habitual. Again, how you do one thing is how you do all things. The 'I Can' Challenge is an in-depth workshop designed to give you the tools to effect real and lasting personal growth. 

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The Workshop Itself:

Pre-workshop journaling:

Before the workshop, you'll answer a series of journaling prompts to help you identify an area in which you'd like to grow, recognize what and why your current behavior is, and explore what your ideal self will do. You'll bring this with you to the workshop.

Guided Meditation:

The workshop will begin with a guided meditation to access parts of our mind that make up our 'default mode.' From that place you will integrate what you discovered through the journaling, and set your intention for the rest of the workshop. 

Breathing Exercise:

At the completion of the meditation, we'll go straight into a breathing technique that lowers ego defenses and stress responses, both of which are roadblocks on the path to personal change and growth. This is a natural continuation of the meditation and will further integrate your self realizations and cement your intentions. In addition, it will prime your body for the upcoming physical challenge.

Climb the Mountain:

You will run, hike, walk, or crawl if you have to up and down a mountain for 1.5 hours. It's physically hard which means it's mentally hard. But it's not just hard for hards sake. It represents every other challenge you will face in life. How you do one thing is how you do everything. You've just spent a significant amount of time and energy journaling, meditating, visualizing, and breathing about your ideal self and how you'll respond to life's challenges. Now's the time to actually do it. Turn your intention into action and your on the path to creating a healthy habit. 

Integration Meditation:

You've been working hard at self discovery and growth. Now is the time to process and let things settle in a new and healthier pattern. 

Closing Circle:

Though this is an individual workshop, everyone present is going through much the same thing. Even on completely silent retreats there develops a strong sense of bonding between the participants. This is an opportunity to share and digest together. This is of course voluntary, and if you prefer to not share that will be absolutely respected. 

To sign up or for any other questions

please email Brian at:

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