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I’ve worked with Brian Lissak for over a year and have found him to be kind, thoughtful, insightful, skillful, and dedicated. His approach is a holistic one built on the wisdom of the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. Through movement, therapy, and mindfulness, Brian has helped me to get in touch with my body, understand and release the pain it holds, and realize the wisdom it contains. Simply put, Brian has helped me heal and continues to do so.

-NL (Jerusalem, Israel)

I first reached out to Brian because I was coping with perpetual boredom and was caught up in rigid thought cycles that had a negative effect on my relationship, was impinging on my ability to do my work and kindled the first signs of depression. I had also developed an interest in altered states of consciousness and knowing, though I was too fearful to embark on experiments independently. I asked if he could guide me through a holotropic breath work exercise. 

In our first meeting I laid out the reasons that led me to reach out for guidance, and together we established goals, guidelines and expectations. Before leaving, we scheduled a second session and he left me with some mindfulness exercises in preparation for our next meeting.

We met the following week at my home and he gently guided me with my eyes closed, lying on the couch through a breathing exercise that ultimately led me to a unique place of clam, focus and fascination with my surroundings. He gently spoke to me throughout the exercise, and left only when I felt comfortable and confident that I could be left alone. 

Brian is a gifted listener. My short but meaningful sessions with him demonstrated that he skillfully breaks down the barriers between psychology, therapy, neuroscience, mind, body, quantum physics and a pinch of mystery to formulate a synthesized, thoughtful conversation about the challenges that brought me to him in the first place. He has an immeasurably comfortable disposition and I felt completely confident and comfortable placing myself in his care.

- MAP (Beit Zayit, Israel)

My work with Brian has been quietly impactful. On a superficial level: New tai chi skills, less stress, and more grounded energy. On a deeper level, I have begun processing repressed patterns and wounds, leading to real healing, which radiates into every aspect of my life. This is true self-care. 

- KF (Beit Zayit, Israel)

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